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We were formed by the digital age and shaped by aiming for the future. Starting in 1986 our founder was dissecting the code on an Apple IIc and using DOS. Ever since the day that he started surfing behind the screen and stepping inside the computer code itself, technology became his passion. He was fascinated with how you could bend the rules so easily within technology and create anything that you could dream of. While attending college for Computer Programming and Business Administration, he was working with a team specializing in geospatial location, GPS implementation systems, and cellular communication technologies. After realizing that his knowledge and drive had outgrown his position, he left to become an entrepreneur and create businesses that fit his current passions. He has created and sold several companies, and has designed and developed several brands from the ground up including a cellular service company, a transportation company, an online retail company, a clothing company, and most recently a Web Design company.


Welcome to www.YourWebsite.Ninja


Steve Car

Founder & CEO

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